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Global Network
Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd.

We have a complete service network in the world. In China, we have set up 14 marketing centers, more than 6,300 service stations, and more than 5,000 spare parts sales outlets, we are fully committed to providing customers with worry-free and fast services.

Outside China, we have set up 6 marketing centers, 228 service agents and 846 service outlets, ensuring the availability of international warranty service.

  • Yuchai Headquarters
  • Overseas Service
  • Agents Offices in China
  • Overseas Offices
  • Service Stations and Spare Parts Sales Outlets in China
  • 6300+
    More than 6,300 service stations
  • 20+
    20 marketing centers
  • 846+
    International warranty service
  • 5000+
    More than 5,000 spare parts sales outlets