Strength in R&D
Strength in R&D
YC DIESEL, Great Power
R&D Platform
  • Four R&D centers in China's Yulin, Nanning and Suzhou, and Europe
  • More than 10 joint R&D bases at home and abroad
  • A national engineering laboratory for efficient and energy-saving internal combustion engines, a state-recognized laboratory, and a post-doctoral research center
  • A national enterprise technology center which ranked first in China in 2021
Research Achievements
  • National science and technology awards for 6 achievements, and provincial science and technology awards for 25 achievements
  • More than 5,800 authorized patents, ranking first in both Guangxi and the engine industry for 15 consecutive years in terms of the total number of authorized patents
  • More than 10 projects included in the National 863 Program
Talent Team
  • We have more than 100 R&D personnel, many of whom have won various national and autonomous regional talent titles.
  • We have recruited three overseas industry experts, with the aim to build a world-class R&D team.