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Yuchai Ranks First among Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Guangxi

On January 19, organized by the Guangxi Institute of Science and Technology Information and the Guangxi Association of High-tech Enterprises, the 2023 Release Conference of the Think Tank Achievements of Guangxi Institute of Science and Technology Information and the List of "Top 100 High-tech Enterprises" in Guangxi was held in Nanning. The organizers released the lists of Guangxi's Top 100 High-tech Enterprises, Top 10 Enterprises in Innovation Ability, Top 10 Enterprises in Innovation Vitality, and Top 10 Gazelle Enterprises in Vitality in 2023, which comprehensively considered and demonstrated the scientific and technological innovation ability and strength of enterprises in Guangxi. Among them, Yuchai ranked first in the list of Top 100 High-tech Enterprises.

In recent years, Yuchai has remained steadfast in driving high-quality development through scientific and technological innovation, and actively undertaken several national and Guangxi scientific and technological innovation projects. Yuchai has drafted an implementation plan for the "Jianfeng" action across diverse sectors, including commercial vehicles, marine & G-drive engines, off-road engines, and new energy, and obtained a special fund of RMB 110 million to provide additional guarantee for the development of these sectors. In terms of R&D platform, Yuchai has made outstanding achievements in technological innovation, achievement transformation, and new product development. Guangxi Low-carbon Intelligent Power Laboratory was established in Yuchai, successfully creating the widely known brand of "YC DIESEL, Ace Power", making great contributions to the development of China's internal combustion engine industry. In addition, Yuchai has won five Guangxi Science and Technology Awards, with first prize of the awards for four consecutive years. This clearly shows Yuchai's capacity for independent innovation and reflects the autonomous region's strong endorsement of Yuchai's focus on technology and product R&D, as well as the company's growing investment in scientific and technological innovation over the years.

In the future, Yuchai will continue to drive enterprise growth with innovative technology, advance industrial research to enhance capacity for scientific and technological innovation, and contribute to Guangxi's high-quality economic development.