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Our Ten-year Development| Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd.: It has grown from a "sapling" to a "towering tree" over the past ten years.

  From 2012 to 2022, the sales revenue of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. doubled, and its market share is twice times than before, ranking first in the industry with the concerted efforts of all employees. In the past 10 years, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has been a large-scale company from the scratch under deepening reform and opening up.

  Driven by second startup,Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai) issued a document to set up the Marine and G-drive Engine Department on February 29, 2012, the first business unit set up by Yuchai, which started the reform of Yuchai business system. After the establishment of Marine and G-drive Engine Department, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery has successively expanded functions of Marine & G-drive Engine in sales, service, R&D, production, quality, procurement and process to empower Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. the right to trial and implement the integrated mode of research, production, sales and service.

  The High-power and High-speed Yuchai C/VC Engine Marine & G-Drive Engine Technical Transformation Project with an investment of more than RMB 300 million and a construction area of about 26,931 square meters was commenced in June 2012 and delivered in August 2014. Together with the original T workshop, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. can produce 12,000 high-power diesel engines per year.

  GUANGXI YUCHAI MARINE AND GENSET POWER CO., LTD. was officially unveiled on February 9, 2022.

Over the past decade, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has established a golden product series with complete application fields and simultaneous development of traditional power and clean-energy engine power. The product power ranges from 15kW to 4,200kW with 30 series of 10 platforms. The products include diesel engine and gas engine have become the preferred supporting power for major domestic ships, power generation equipment due to high power, high torque, high reliability, low energy consumption, low noise, low emission and strong adaptability, providing a strong impetus for China's economy and the development of the world economy. From in-line 8-cylinder engine to V-shaped 12-cylinder engine, 16-cylinder engine and 20-cylinder engine, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has launched new products, doubled efforts to build itself into a pillar of a great power. It has gradually replaced imported engines and become a leader in China's large marine & G-drive engine, playing an increasingly important role in the international marine & G-drive engine market.

Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has made continuous breakthroughs in sales and achieved rapid growth in operating benefits over the past ten years. The sales were from 25,028 units in 2012 to 51,088 units in 2021 and sales revenue increased from RMB 930 million in 2012 to RMB 4.1 billion in 2021, which reached to RMB 2 billion in 2018 and exceeded RMB 3 billion and RMB 4 billion in 2021, achieving "double" sales revenue. In 2017, the market share of marine engine ranked first in the industry, so did generation engine for gensets in 2019. The market share of Marine & G-Drive Engine increased from 12.6% in 2012 to 40.5% in 2021, increasing more than 2 times. Yuchai engine for gensets and Marine & G-Drive Engine have steadily occupied the first position in the industry. Yuchai gensets can be found in Huoshenshan Hospital, Leishenshan Hospital, earthquake-stricken area of Luding, Sichuan, Ngari region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, fan villages of Qatar World Cup, old port of Djibouti, Andean Plateau of Peru in South America, and Philippine Telecommunication Data Center. Yuchai marine engine is used to ensure the safe operation and normal navigation of cargo ships, engineering ships, fishing ships, transportation ships and official ships in the vast South China Sea, East China Sea and Yellow Sea of China, rivers and lakes of China, Chao Phraya River of Bangkok, Bangladesh River and Singapore Port, and Indonesia, the "Land of Ten Thousand Islands".

Good performance owes to Yuchai's attention to the Marine & G-Drive Engine segment and its efforts to allocate resources to develop the high-horsepower Marine & G-Drive Engine power segment which is full of efforts and sweat.

Over the past decade, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. led by Ning Xingyong, Senior Vice President of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai), has been engaged in reform and innovation to build a customer-oriented Marine & G-Drive Engine power operation system. The teams of product R&D, part procurement, manufacturing and marketing services focus on the market and customer needs. Deepened the project system in product R&D give project managers greater responsibilities, rights and interests. A R&D model based on application scenarios has been established, greatly shortening the cycle from introduction to final products. The refined production management mode is implemented in product manufacturing, and the section is cancelled with the production line being established according to the product platform. Besides, the wage system per set is changed into the hourly wage system to eliminate the driving force of neglecting product quality while pursuing working hours, realizing improvement of output efficiency and product quality. Integrated strategic cooperative marketing mode is introduced in product marketing to build a community of shared future with customers, which changes the disordered state of simple trading relationship between Yuchai, OEMs and dealers and market management. After-sales services are implemented in accordance with the 360° Service Guarantee Specification to provide value-added services for customers across the board.

Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has cultivated a team with competent, skilled workers in the past ten years. Among them, there are Wang Wei, Director of North China Marketing Center of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. and new gold salesman of Yuchai, Chen Yue, a young doctor and chief design engineer of VCX Series Diesel Engine, Liu Ning, a brave female postgraduate student, as well as Li You, a winner of May Day Labor Medal issued by Guangxi and a technical expert of Guangxi, and Guan Yongxin, a young and capable director of the Management Department. They together with more than 800 Marine & G-Drive Engine engineers work hard to overcome difficulties, boost growth of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. with loyalty and responsibility, and inject momentum into Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. for its strong development.

During ten-year development, from Ning Xingyong engaged in the market all year round, Li Guohua, a model worker in Guangxi, Li Cheng, Senior Chief Engineer of R&D Center and Model Party Member of Yuchai, to Li Feng, Director of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Marketing Center and Model Party Member of Yuchai, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. Control, or process quality personnel working on the front line, and the employees of the Financial Department and the Management Department who often work overtime, all have put their career pursuit and desire for brilliant life into the great journey of realizing Yuchai strategic target, striving to  jointly achieve Yuchai's dream.

Huang Zhenkui, Director of India-Malaysia Marketing Center of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd., witnessed company's growth with great affection. "The decade of the new era is a milestone in the history of the People's Republic of China and rapid development of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd."said him with excitement.


Chen Yue, Chief Design Engineer of VCX Series Diesel Engine, said, "There is a gap between the domestic engine and international high-standard engine. We have much to do to achieve world-class design." All workers in Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. know that clearly as Dr. Chen.


Bai Xiaofei, Deputy Director of the Production Department of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd., got a job in Yuchai after graduation in 2010 and has been working hard on the production. I have been working for 12 years, and I will continue it, said him. I believe that Yuchai's strategic target will be achieved by adhering to its three cultures and codes of conduct and working hard."


Today's Yuchai is strong and brisk after 71 years of glorious development. Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. has also thrived after ten years of hard work and development with the help of Yuchai. In the future, Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd., striving for solidarity will give full to its strengths to make great achievements, contributing to Yuchai's achievement of 2025 strategic target.