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The sales of Yuchai new marine propulsion engine for inland waterway shipping in Guangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu has surged.

The transportation and maintenance ship equipped with YC6TF marine propulsion engine has a successful voyage in Nantong, Jiangsu. The 41.8-meter-long catamaran transportation and maintenance ship equipped with two Yuchai YC6TF marine propulsion engines saw successful trial, and it can sail at full speed up to 16.7 knots with strong power. On the premise of the same ship type and engine horsepower, the transportation ship equipped with YC6TF engine is far ahead of those equipped with other brands of engines in speed.

How can the transportation ship equipped with Yuchai YC6TF engine stand out?

◉Compact structure. Its size is 20% smaller than other competing products, and it is convenient for installation and maintenance. Oil filters and fuel filters can be replaced without shutdown, creating more convenience for maintenance.
◉Strong loading capacity. The torque reserve of the engines reaches more than 26%, and the prime low-speed ones has high torque, which is in conformity with user's habits.
‍◉Energy conservation and environmental protection. With Yuchai's patent airway and combustion technology, the fuel consumption is reduced by over 6% than those of the same grade of other brands, meeting the current phase II emission requirements of China's marine diesel engine with the highest grade.
‍◉Reliability and durability. The body, crankshaft, connecting rod are designed with high-strength materials, and the engine overhaul period exceeds 20,000h.

This model can be used in 4000-ton inland cargo ships, 32 or 40-meter-long fishing boats, 500kW marine units, and it has been widely used in Guangxi, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places, which has great impacts on the marine engine market. Many shipowners said that Yuchai YC6TF engine will be preferred choices. It is reported that YC6TF engine soared in the market, especially the models equipped with transportation and maintenance ships and fishing boats whose demand exceeds supply.