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90% of Passenger Ships are Equipped with Yuchai Engines, Carrying You to Travel on Fuding Yushan Island, One of China's Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands

  As one of the top ten most beautiful islands in China, Fuding Yushan Island enjoys a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, known as the "Southern Tianshan" and "Sky Lake on the Sea". Xiapu Branch of Fuding Ningde Port Group Co., Ltd. undertakes the task of ferrying between Yushan Island and the inland wharf. From a distance, the white passenger ships equipped with Yuchai engines look like a beautiful scenery.

According to Captain Huang Xiangfa, the company has been using Yuchai engines since 2005. At present, more than 90% of the ships operated by the company are equipped with Yuchai engines.


During each peak tourist season, a large number of tourists take passenger ships to and from Yushan Island. The operation reliability, safety, speed and comfort of the ships are particularly important, and the engine is the foundation of the ride comfort of the ships.

According to Huang Xiangfa, Yuchai marine engines have performed well in this case. Huang said: "Yuchai marine engines have reassured us for their good quality, strong power and stable operation, as well as zero breakdown during use. Recently, we have built a new ship, which is the largest and most luxurious passenger ship in Ningde. The ship is also equipped with Yuchai marine engine."


In 2018, the company's passenger ship equipped with Yuchai marine engine also participated in the rescue of a marine accident. With high horsepower and fast speed, the passenger ship arrived at the rescue site in time and successfully rescued five people.

In addition, the good economy of Yuchai marine engines is also an important reason for the company's preference. When the engines of Yuchai and other brands are all filled with 1,000L fuel, the engines of other brands can run 12-13 trips, while Yuchai marine engines can run 1-2 trips more than other brands. As a result, the company can earn CNY 40,000 more per year.


Passenger ships are particularly characterized by high operation frequency and long total operation time, so their maintenance is of great importance. The service assurance of Yuchai engine has completely eliminated the worries of customers. According to Huang, after receiving an after-sales service call, Yuchai's service personnel always rush to the site, adjust or change related spare parts to solve the problem as soon as possible, ensuring the normal operation of ships. Huang said that Yuchai service is so timely and thoughtful.

By virtue of excellent power performance and reliable product strength, Yuchai has won high recognition from customers. In the future, Yuchai will continue to explore the marine & G-drive engine market, deliver more and better products and help customers succeed.