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6TF Project Team of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. Enters the Market

From September 3 to 4, Huang Yongzhong, Deputy General Manager of Guangxi Yuchai Marine and Genset Power Co., Ltd. (YCMGP), led the company-level 6TF project team of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. to visit the ship owners in the Xijiang River Basin, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the use of YCMGP's 6TF engine.

At the Yuzheng Wharf in Guiping City, the 6TF project team boarded the cargo ship equipped with the engine designed by them. At that moment, all the team members felt extremely excited and proud! Huang Yongzhong carefully learned about the use of 6TF engine from the ship owner. According to the ship owner, the 82m long cargo ship is equipped with two Yuchai YC6TF marine propulsion engines. The engines have strong power and can meet the requirements of full-load transportation at only 700-800 rpm in the whole process. On the premise of the same ship type and engine horsepower, the speed of the cargo ship equipped with YC6TF engines is far ahead of that of the cargo ships equipped with engines of other brands. In addition, the Yuchai engine can save more than 1000L of fuel than other engine brands in each trip. The excellent performance of the engines has been recognized by the ship owner. Hearing this, the members of the 6TF project team were very happy and had a strong sense of achievement.

In addition to talking with the ship owner, the team members also entered the engine compartment to observe the application and operation of the engine in detail in terms of engine compartment layout, oil line system, filter system, control system, air intake system, engine accessories, and air intake and exhaust systems of engine compartment, and made analysis and discussions on site. The members in charge of NVH also made a comprehensive diagnosis of the engine by "looking, smelling, feeling and listening", and were called "the TCM expert of engine".

At the end of the activity, Huang Yongzhong made a summary. He said that TF marine engines are of strategic importance. Approved in 2018, the TF marine engine project is a key company-level project of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., and belongs to Class 1 project of the new platform, with heavy workload in project development. The members of the project team worked hard, concentrated their efforts and overcame difficulties, advancing the project quickly and effectively, and completing the freezing of prototype B in June 2022, which has now been put into the market in batches.

By the end of August, the 6TF marine engine has been used in batches, supporting applications in cargo ships, high-pressure water pumps for offshore platforms, light fishing boats, drift fishing boats, fish carriers, and operation and maintenance ships. The TH G-drive engines derived from TF engines are in short supply in the market.

The members of the 6TF project team who participated in the activity unanimously said that they would continue to develop products that meet market needs and fit customers' needs in combination with the insights gained from this market visit. They also said that they would make persistent efforts to provide enough drivers for the market, contributing to Yuchai's achievement of the "1235" strategic objective.