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10-year Obsession with Yuchai, a Steadfast Fan of Yuchai

Zhao'an County, Zhangzhou City, is a key fishing port county in Fujian Province, where the high-horsepower power of fishing boats was basically owned by foreign brands before 2012. Customers choose fishing boat power based on power, fuel consumption and quality. Fishing boats like isolated islands at sea, and engine's quality is related to fishermen's life and safety, while the fuel consumption economy of the engine power, as the main source of the family economy, is related to their income.

He Yaochi, an ordinary fisherman in Zhao'an County, Zhangzhou City, planned to build a 35-meter fishing boat with several partners in 2012. He first considered using a joint venture brand engine, but he later knew Yuchai after communication with distributors and online browsing. After weighing the product, service and price, he finally bought Yuchai 6C high-horsepower ship power and became the first Yuchai 6C high-horsepower ship user in Zhao'an County at that time.

Over past 10 years, the engine of the 6C has not been subject to fault maintenance, and even the cylinder head has not been moved except for the normal replacement of the three filters and lubricating oil. The engine started directly, and boat's maximum speed could reach more than 13 knots. He Yaochi gushed over when it comes to this Yuchai engine. At that time, it was he that persuaded several partners to choose Yuchai and bridged dissension. He was proud for his choice because the engine has been used for 10 years, and it is still at the peak of power. Other boats' engine will be repaired every two or three years on the shipway with spare parts such as cylinder liner piston being replaced, while his boat has never been repaired for 10 years, saving more than CNY 100,000 in maintenance costs and materials. The engine operates with sufficient power. With such a powerful engine, he was the first in sailing every year. The diesel engine is fuel-efficient and economical and can save CNY 60,000-70,000 of diesel every year compared with other fishing boats with the same horsepower and joint venture brand engine. He Yaochi built a house and operated a small shop in the village with this fishing boat.

As the first person to savor crabs in Zhao'an County, he is well versed in using the engine, so he strongly recommends friends and relatives around him to choose Yuchai power for their fishing boats. Gradually, Yuchai's high-horsepower ship power is famous in Zhao'an where Yuchai is the first choice in building boats with more than 600 horsepower. "Powerful YC DIESEL" is also a true evaluation of Yuchai by Zhao'an fishermen.