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Choosing Yuchai with Trust

The Xijiang River is the longest river in South China, the third largest river in China, and the longest river in the Pearl River system, only second to the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in length. The shipping volume ranks second in China, second only to the Yangtze River. It originates in Yunnan, flows through Guangxi, and joins Beijiang River in Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong. There are many shoals along the way, so it is important to choose a highly reliable and powerful engine.

Guigang Haitai Shipping Co., Ltd.(贵港海泰船务公司) enjoys a great reputation in the Xijiang River Basin. With company's rapid development and various size of the ships, it has more than 20 ships equipped with YC DIESEL, from 6T at the beginning, to 6TD, 6CD, to 6TF now. It resolutely believes in Yuchai and chooses Yuchai.

The first Guigang Haitai 53 ship equipped with Yuchai 6TF 1000 horsepower was officially delivered to users in May 2021, and its machine has worked over 2,500 hours for more than a year. Except for the daily replacement of three filters and oil maintenance, no other screw has been moved. After communicating with Captain Huang, we know that he has been driving ships equipped with YC DIESEL which transformed from 6T, 6TD and 6CD to 6TF now. He feels that the horsepower is even bigger and more sufficient when the full-load ship goes through the shoals and rapids in the Xijiang River Basin. In addition, the waiting time for the lock and loading and unloading are very long due to more ships in the Xijiang River Basin. If the ship can arrive at lock or the wharf faster than other ships with sufficient horsepower, it can get through the lock in a few hours to load and unload 2-3 days earlier. This machine is also fuel-efficient, and it can have 400-600 liters of diesel left compared with other brands of machines. Therefore, Captain Huang usually pulls up the speed earlier to seize the ship's position when it's necessary to rush to the gate and dock.

Captain Huang said that YC DIESEL with strong power can perfectly highlight its performance in the inland rivers of the Xijiang River Basin.