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Release Date:07-15,2022 Font size
Yuchai fans living on the Yangtze River

Wanzhou District, located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, is an important hub city of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Whatever pears from Yichang to Shanghai, Sichuan peppers from Chongqing to Wuhan, and dendrobium from Luzhou to Nanjing, logistics and citizens' needs have greatly boosted the development of marine engine. On the way, Yuchai is not only traveling in a hurry, but also expanding its influence.

Today, we arrive at a wharf in Wanzhou and get on a cargo ship equipped with Yuchai engine to know their daily life.

Today is waiting for the lock, several shipmen of neighboring ships are gathering together to chat, comparing which ship is more fuel-efficient and responsive. Most ships are equipped with Yuchai engine, which is widely recognized by these shipmen. Reliable quality and excellent after-sales service are known to people. . . . . . Gradually, the shipmen dressed in Yuchai advertising shirts smiled at each other. Yuchai's influence has facilitated customers to know each other, which is called God's will by westerners and fate by Chinese.


"High-end YC DIESEL can be operated with simple methods." Early in the morning, Jiang Tian, a 29-year-old young wheelman, gently pressed two buttons on the instrument, and the engine started. While checking engine in operation, he carefully listened to the running sound of the engine. "There is no noise of the sound, and the sound sounds stable." When it comes to Yuchai's marine engine, he is very satisfied. A successful wheelman not only relies on youth, but also rich experience and high-quality Yuchai engine!


35-year-old Hu checks the cabin as usual and his daily work is to fill the fuel tank, check the engine dipstick to ensure a clean operating environment for the engine. "When we entered the cabin, we shouldered the responsibility, which had nothing to do with experience and position." He gave a thumbs-up to Yuchai engine, "Oil-efficient Yuchai engine can operate with less oil stain, so it is easy to maintain."

Fast-developing cities provide more opportunities for young people to start businesses, but there are also young people engaged in the same industry as their parents. Ren Yuandong knew the Yuchai engine with his father's instruction since childhood and was familiar with Yuchai. The job others think is dirty with stain, while he deems it unforgettable. When Yuchai service personnel debugged and maintained the engine, he will actively help and gain experience from Yuchai service experts. "We cannot leave Yuchai, because it is our root, not only a tool for us to make a living." This is what his father often says to him.


The next morning, the captain observed the remote waterway with a telescope and was ready to depart for the next station, which would be another long-distance shipping. Huafeng 13, equipped with Yuchai's new engine, weighed anchor again, carrying the cargo mission. People and engine are moving faster than ever in such an ever-changing era. No matter how hurried they are, there is always a belief encouraging us to recognize the direction of tomorrow, and remember yesterday!